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quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

Reading Sequence

TEACHERS: Rosália Oliveira, Raquel Damasceno e Elizete Carmo

STUDENT: ____________________________________________________________________

Reading Sequence
1st Step: Pre-reading
Look at the picture and make predictions about what do you think the text is.

2nd Step: Reading
Teacher presents the text in fragments to the students and motivates them to predict the story follow steps.

1st fragment:
A busy mother asked her young son to take his baby sister out into the garden and look after her for half an hour while she was doing some work in the house.
The boy took the baby out, and they seemed to be playing quite happily when suddenly the mother heard the baby begin to cry, so she shouted to her son, ‘Billy, what’s the matter with Susan? Why’s she crying?’

2nd fragment:
‘Because she wants my marbles,’ answered Billy.
‘Well, let her play with a few of them if it will stop her crying,’, said her mother patiently. ‘I must finish this work, and she’d be in my way in here.’
‘But she wants to keep them!’ answered Billy.

3rd fragment:
‘No, she doesn’t!’ the mother said. ‘She’s only a baby. She’s too young to understand anything like that.’
‘But I know that she wants to keep them,” answered Billy. ‘She’s already swallowed two of them!’

3rd Step: Post-reading
Teacher will show the write and wrong sentences bellow about the subject related with the read story. After that the students must choose the right ones and put it on one side of the board and on the other side the wrong ones.
• It’s very dangerous to leave kids alone.
• Babies are safe if they are taken care of another child.
• There isn’t any problem to allow kids playing with tiny toys.
• Kids must be the priority for adults .
• Most of the times, when kids cry it’s because there is something wrong.
• When Kids are at home, there isn’t any possibility to happen accidents with them.

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