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sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

Personalities, occupations and the weather

CLASS INFORMATION: English Class – Letters Course, 2009 – 2nd Level

- The students in this basic level must be able to use the spoken and written language in natural context in which they can perceive the use of verbs according to the functions of language through realistic tasks and communicative pronunciation activity.
- Marcus Alexandre Carvalho de Souza
- Rosália Souza de Oliveira
- white board, color markers, pictures, tape, a box, a bag, glue, postcards and stamps.

TASK 1 (speaking)
- Teacher divides the class in 5 groups
- Each group receives two pictures
- Students must discuss about each image and reach answers to the following questions:
Who is he/she/they?
What is his/her/their occupation?
What does he/she (or do they)do according to each occupation?
What is he/she (or are they) doing now, in this picture?
- After the group discussion, they must choose two students to present the people to the class.
- Teacher puts the picture on the wall
- Teacher orientates the activity of accountability: Who’s doing what?

TASK 2 (writing)
- Teacher presents to the class many postcards of different places
- Each group chooses one of them
- The students must imagine that they are in this place
- They choose a friend of another group to address the post card.
- They must write his/her name in it and can’t forget his/her address.
- Teacher writes on the whiteboard some adjectives like: rainy, dry, hot, humid, warm, sunny, cloudy, cool, wind, cold, snowy related to the weather.
- Students must write a little message in which the following information appear:
Where are you?
What’s the weather like?
Who are you with?
What are you doing now?
- After that they glue a stamp in the postcard and take it to mailbox.
- The text can be signed by all students of group (using we) or by only one (using I)
- Teacher orientates the activity of accountability: Reading the received message. For this, he or she can ask to a volunteer to be a mailman and to distribute the postcards to the chosen students.

TASK 3 (vocabulary review)
- If it’s necessary, the teacher can apply a final task about seasons’ characteristics: The students (in group) must complete the chart matching the characteristics to each season of the year according their knowledge about this subject.
- Accountability task can be: a discussion about the seasons and the weather
METHOD AND APPROACH: - Method: Communicative Language Teaching
- Approach: TBL: Task Based Learning and Functional Approach
- semi circle

- Who’s doing what? (speaking)
The teacher shows a card with a personality and the class must say what this person is doing now. The activity can extend until the cards finish.
- Reading the received message (reading)
The person that received a postcard must read the message to the class.
- Discussion: Seasons and the weather(writing)
After that the class to complete the chart (dynamic activity in three groups, like a competition), students and teacher discuss about the result to correct the made choices.

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